Departmental Service Charter

From the Secretary

We aim to provide a high standard of service to all our stakeholders. This Charter explains the standard of service you can expect from us.

The Charter is the overarching Charter for the department. Some Divisions of the department have specific charters that apply to their particular business activities.

Our Vision

The department’s vision is increased prosperity for all Australians through internationally competitive and sustainable business.

Our Mission

The department achieves its vision through its mission:

  • To enhance the development of internationally competitive and sustainable business through excellence in policy formulation and implementation
  • To excel in business program and service delivery
  • To be a respected source of knowledge through our understanding of the business environment and business networks.

The department and its clients and stakeholders

The department:

  • Provides policy advice to its Ministers
  • Administers legislation
  • Manages programs
  • Undertakes analysis
  • Provides services to the business community
  • Provides advice to the Government.

What you can expect from us

We observe the Australian Public Service Values and Code of Conduct.

We place a high value on:

  • Being fair and impartial
  • Being honest, ethical and professional
  • Being helpful, courteous and considerate
  • Acting with care and diligence
  • Listening to what you tell us
  • Understanding and responding to what you tell us.

In recognising the diverse needs of our users, we will:

  • Ensure users have equal and sufficient access to relevant information
  • Provide information and guidelines in plain language.

We will keep you informed through:

  • Promoting our policies, programs and services using a wide range of methods, including our website (
  • Responding promptly with accurate information to requests about our programs, functions and services
  • Ensuring professional handover if your contact officer changes.

Our service standards

When developing policy advice, we will:

  • Consult widely
  • Explain the process
  • Provide reasonable timeframes to respond to policy proposals.

When policy decisions have been made, we will:

  • Provide information to stakeholders about decisions
  • Consult stakeholders during the implementation of decisions.

When administering programs, we will provide:

  • Clear, accurate advice and information
  • Fair, unbiased treatment
  • An explanation of our decisions.

When you deal with us, we will abide by the Privacy Act 1988, which requires us to:

  • Keep your personal information private and confidential unless the law requires disclosure
  • Give you access to your personal information if you ask.

If you phone us, we will:

  • Return telephone messages promptly
  • Respond to queries we are unable to resolve immediately within a reasonable time.

If you e-mail or write to us, we will:

  • Respond to written queries and requests for current departmental printed information or publications in a timely manner. If your query is complex, we will provide an interim response to inform you of our progress.

How you can help us

To help us provide you with quality service, we need you to:

  • Provide timely information that is easily understood, accurate and as complete as possible
  • Provide feedback on our performance
  • Wherever practical, use the online services we offer at as most of our information is available on our website.

If you require further assistance, you can contact us by:

Phone: 1800 024 095 (between 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday)

How you can give us feedback

We value your feedback. We conduct client satisfaction and stakeholder satisfaction surveys on policy development and service delivery. If you are pleased with our service or otherwise, let us know.

To provide us with feedback, you can contact the staff member you have been dealing with, or you can contact us on the details provided above.

How a complaint will be handled

If you have a complaint, we will:

  • Investigate your complaint to provide a remedy when we are at fault and prevent it from recurring
  • Provide a detailed and timely response to your complaint, including information on actions we took as a result.

Checking our performance

We will review this Service Charter every year and measure our performance against what we have said we will do. The Charter will be extensively reviewed every three years. Reports on the level of our service performance, complaints and feedback are made to government annually and through the department’s Annual Report. If you give us suggestions or complaints, we will use these, as well as information from stakeholder and client surveys, to assess and improve our performance.

Related Charters

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