Capital Development Pool (CDP) Program

The Capital Development Pool (CDP) Program provides funding to eligible Higher Education Providers (HEPs) to encourage:

  • development of, or on, new campuses in suburban growth corridors and regional centres. Priority will be given to projects which support greater collaboration:
    • between higher education providers;
    • between higher education providers and vocational education and training providers;
    • between higher education providers, other organisations and the private sector;
  • capital developments that:
    • assist higher education providers to establish or expand provision of courses identified by the government as discipline areas of national importance;
  • information and communications technology infrastructure projects which improve the cost-effectiveness and quality of educational delivery, for example:
    • by improving the efficiency of the higher education provider's infrastructure, or
    • by providing access to education and research networks;
  • the building or major refurbishment of capital infrastructure for student amenities;
  • the rebuilding or restoration of campus facilities in circumstances which are, in the view of the Minister, special and extraordinary; and
  • capital developments which the Minister considers are priorities for particular higher education providers.

As part of the Australian Government’s Flood Response Package it was announced that the Capital Development Pool (CDP) program will be abolished on 1 January 2012. No new funds will be committed to university infrastructure projects under the CDP program after this date. No future funding rounds for the CDP program are planned.

There will be no impact on current approved CDP projects. Funds committed to CDP projects for the 2011 calendar year will still be paid in 2011.

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