Higher Education

On 18 September 2013, the majority of higher education functions transferred to the Department of Education. Student income support functions (including Austudy and Youth Allowance) transferred to the Department of Social Services.
The following information will be transferred to the relevant department in due course as part of the Machinery of Government changes.

The higher education sector is made up of universities and other higher education institutions. The Australian Government supports the sector through policies, funding and programmes. This support is important as the sector makes a fundamental contribution to the future of Australia and our intellectual, economic, cultural and social development. The sector:

  • educates our future workforce
  • develops our future leaders
  • provides jobs for Australians
  • facilitates cultural and trade links with other countries
  • plays a key role in the growing knowledge and innovation based economy of Australia.

Programmes and funding

  • Tertiary Education
    Assists students and providers with locating the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) which financially assists eligible students studying at the tertiary level
  • Equity
    Programmes and initiatives to support equity in higher education
  • Funding
    The Commonwealth Grant Scheme, the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP), Commonwealth Scholarships and other program funding
  • Indigenous
    Programmes to increase Indigenous involvement in higher education
  • Quality
    How we improve and assure the quality of higher education for students and organisations
  • Student Support
    Scholarships, income support, student services and other initiatives

Resources and background information

  • About
    Why and how the government supports the higher education sector, organisations that make up the sector, and eligibility for government grants
  • News
    Latest news from the government about higher education
  • Policy
    Reviews, agreements, consultations and policies related to higher education
  • Resources and Publications
    Directory of related websites, newsletters, statistics, reports and other publications
  • Higher Education Statistics
    Statistics relating to higher education, accessing data, Higher Education Data Cube (uCube)