About the automotive industry

The automotive manufacturing industry is one of Australia’s major manufacturing sectors. It is a strategically important part of the Australian economy in terms of the investment, jobs, skills, research and development, innovation and exports it generates.

Government initiatives and assistance

The Department delivers a range of programs to assist the automotive industry.

Automotive statistics

Research and analysis is conducted by the department to support policy creation and evaluation. The department provides advice on general automotive trade issues, including the implications for the automotive industry of proposed free trade agreements.

Australian Government Economic Review of South Australia and Victoria

On 18 December 2013 the Prime Minister and Minister for Industry announced a wide-ranging industry initiative.

Automotive Australia 2020 Technology Roadmap

The Automotive Australia 2020 Technology Roadmap was released in August 2010 and identifies and maps the industry's capabilities and needs to 2020 and beyond - allowing the industry to play to its strengths and support innovative technologies with strong commercial potential.

The Government has allocated $26 million to the Automotive Cooperation Research Centre (CRC) from July 2012. Guided by the roadmap, the CRC is developing and commercialising low emission automotive technologies.

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