Book Industry Collaborative Council

The Book Industry Collaborative Council (BICC) was established in June 2012, to help the book industry deal with the rapid changes being brought by digitisation and to assist the industry implement recommendations from the Book Industry Strategy Group.

The Council was led by Professor David Throsby, eminent arts economist, and the membership comprised representatives from peak book industry associations and professionals; libraries; and experts from related areas such as copyright, research and telecommunications. The BICC operated according to set terms of reference.

Guided by the findings of the BISG, the BICC identified seven priority areas for reform which formed the basis for the BICC’s activities. These included: copyright; data collection; book distribution; exports; lending rights; scholarly book publishing; and industry skills. Expert Reference Groups (ERGs) were established to consider the issues in each of these areas and develop forward-looking strategies for industry reform.

The BICC completed its term on 30 June 2013. The Council’s final report was released in September 2013.

One of the BICC’s terms of reference was to consider options for the establishment of a sustainable and independent industry body to further the process of collaboration. The BICC has agreed that an industry body, provisionally entitled the Book Industry Council of Australia (BICA), will be established to carry forward the work program identified by the BICC.

Research reports

To support the work of the BICC, the department commissioned two major research projects.

Fulfilled consumers: Improving the distribution of books in Australia

This research on Australia’s book distribution system was undertaken by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and incorporated several key components:

  • mapping the current book distribution system to improve understanding
  • identifying barriers to efficiency
  • determining areas for improvement along the supply chain
  • engaging broadly with stakeholders to provide an opportunity for consultation and ensure an accurate interpretation of industry needs

New export markets for Australian books

This report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) provides an analysis of emerging markets for Australian books and investment over the next five years, and the barriers and opportunities that Australian publishers (and other players) would need to overcome/exploit to export books to these markets. 

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