Built Environment Industry Innovation Council

The Built Environment Industry Innovation Council (BEIIC) was established in 2008 as an advisory body to the Australian Government and as an innovation advocate for the industry. The Council met on 15 occasions between 30 October 2008 and
2 November 2012.

The Council's work focussed on industry innovation challenges like climate change, sustainability and industry competitiveness as well as issues such as regulatory reform, workforce capability, skills needs, access to new technologies and other priorities for the industry.

Membership of BEIIC included representatives from business, the research community, unions and government agencies. 

Ms Sue Holliday, Managing Director of Strategies for Change chaired the Council.  Ms Holliday presented the
BEIIC Final Report to Government 2012 |6 December 2012. 


  • Recommendations Report 2010 |
  • Strategic Plan 2009-2014 |
  • Increasing the Productivity of Buildings Network by adopting Building Information Modelling 
  • Productivity in the Building Network: Assessing the Impacts of Building Information Models
  • A Framework for a Community Engagement Strategy for the Built Environment
  • Regulation and Innovation Report June 2011
  • Urban Planning, Information Technology and Evidence-Based Decision Making for Emission Reductions in our Cities
  • Built Environment Procurement Practice: Impediments to Innovation and Opportunities for Changes
  • Retrofitting Residential Precincts and Housing: Current Practice, New Strategies and Industry Training Responses
  • Building a Culture of Innovation in the Built Environment
  • Early 21st Century vision for the construction industry in Australia

Commissioned reports

  • National Building Information Modelling (BIM) Initiative Report
  • Design leadership for innovation and competiveness
  • Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC) and BEIIC Constructing Excellence Workshop
  • National Industry Education and Training Vision and Action Plan for the 21st Century
  • Report to BEIIC on the viability of establishing a national construction entity
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) Industry Research


Detlef Jumpertz
Building Policy
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