Buy Australian at Home and Abroad

The Australian Government has committed more than $58 million to the Buy Australian at Home and Abroad initiative. This funding will assist Australian firms enhance their competitiveness and link with new business opportunities, particularly on major projects in the public and private sector.

About Buy Australian

  • What it includes
  • How it works

Resources Sector Supplier Advisory Forum

  • About the forum 
  • Forum representatives
  • Role of the department

Resources Sector Supplier Advocates

  • Role of the Supplier advocates
  • About the Energy, Iron Ore, Minerals and Steel Supplier Advocates

Assistance for Australian Suppliers

  • Programs, initiatives and frameworks that support industry participation
  • Supplier Advocates


  • View reports released by the Buy Australian and Aborad team.


  • Departmental contact
  • Resources Sector Supplier Envoy
  • Resources Sector Supplier Advocates  
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