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The Future Manufacturing Industry Innovation Council (Future Manufacturing Council) was formed to address Australian manufacturing which is innovation-intensive, high technology, high value-add, high-skill, and export-orientated.

The Council met on 15 occasions between 2 December 2008 and 8 May 2012.

Future Manufacturing Councils


The Future Manufacturing Industry Innovation Council (Future Manufacturing Council) was one of a number of Industry Innovation Councils established by the Australian Government. The Council met on 15 occasions between 2 December 2008 and 8 May 2012.

The Council's work focussed on innovation-intensive, high technology, high value-add, high-skill, export-orientated manufacturing. It advised the Portfolio ministers, and championed innovation in manufacturing and connections between government and industry stakeholders.

The Future Manufacturing Council's particular focus was manufacturing using advanced processes, materials and technologies.  These include the scientific and medical instruments, specialist engineering and aerospace industries, and related services.

The department provided secretariat support to the Future Manufacturing Council.


Members of the Council included leaders in innovation from business, the science and research communities, unions, professional associations and the Australian Government. Mr Philip Binns, Vice-President and General Manager, of Spectroscopy Business at Agilent Technologies, was its Chair.

Industry engagement

Partcipants at the Manufacturing for a Sustainable Built Environment Workshop.Industry Innovation Councils have a leadership role in transforming industry. They provide strategic advice on innovation priorities to Portfolio ministers, champion innovation in industry and build connections and collaborate across Councils and with other innovation initiatives and organisations.

In this role, the Future Manufacturing Council sponsored a workshop on Manufacturing for a Sustainable Built Environment in Melbourne on 8 March 2011.  The workshop was conducted in collaboration with Supplier Advocates and the Built Environment and Information Technology Industry Innovation Councils. The aim of the event was to engage with stakeholders from industry, research, unions and government to identify Australian R&D and manufacturing capabilities in the sustainable built environment.  The workshop also examined how these capabilities could be converted to opportunities for the manufacture of water and energy efficient products and services for use in the built environment.

The outcomes of the workshop have been considered by the other Councils, Supplier Advocates and industry. The findings have contributed to the preparation of advice to the Minister.


The Future Manufacturing Council's achievements include:

  • Preparing the foresighting discussion paper Trends in Manufacturing to 2020, on current and emerging trends that are affecting, and are expected to affect and influence, Australian manufacturers up to 2020 and possibly beyond. The paper collates views from a range of leaders from industry, the R&D community, innovation advisory bodies, unions and the public sector. The paper informed the Manufacturing Roundtable of 20 September 2011 and the Future Jobs Forum of 6 October 2011, and has been used by the Prime Minister's Taskforce on Manufacturing.
  • Providing the Minister with proposals on the strategic priorities of firm productivity, access to capital, and market-driven collaborative innovation.
  • Sponsoring the Manufacturing for a Sustainable Built Environment workshop.
  • Contributing to the establishment of the Government’s Commercialisation Australia initiative.
  • Securing positive exposure for innovative manufacturing in Australia.
  • Providing advice to the Minister on a range of Government initiatives.
  • Developing, with the Australian Institute for Commercialisation, an innovation quiz to stimulate interest in innovation across Australia.
  • Commissioning reports outlining Australian Future Manufacturing, and exploring potential manufacturing opportunities in the renewable energy and water sectors.


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