Public Awareness and Engagement

The Public Awareness and Engagement Program seeks to provide balanced and factual information on enabling technologies to allow the public to make more informed choices about emerging technologies. The program activities include running public forums, creating information and education materials, and developing feedback mechanisms such as regular public attitude surveys.

Focusing on Nanotechnologies and Biotechnologies, the Public Awareness and Community Engagement Program seeks to inform the public about emerging technologies using innovative best practice in science communications.

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Community Engagement

Community engagement

  • Science and Technology Engagement Pathway - STEP
  • Upcoming events for the public
  • Previous events
Research and Reports

Research and reports

  • Attitudes of the public on implementation of enabling technologies and awareness of technologies
  • Focus on nanotechnology and biotechnology
Academic publications

Academic publications

  • Nanotechnology
  • Biotechnology
  • Social impact of enabling technologies
Information Fact Sheets

Information fact sheets

  • Key aspects of nanotechnology and biotechnology
  • Resources for students
Educational websites

Educational website

  • Online resources and educational programs
  • For students
Career profiles

Career profiles

  • Find out where a career science can take you
Media releases

Media releases

  • From the department 
  • From the Ministers 
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Contact us

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