Reports and Studies

Following is a list of departmental reports and studies relevant to industry as a whole.  For industry specific reports and studies, select your area of interest  from the industry sector list

Disclaimer: Please note, information dated prior to November 2007 was released by the previous government and is provided for research and historical purposes only. The content may not reflect the views of the current government.

Industry data cards

  • Australian Industry Key Facts Data Card
    This data card contains some key information on Australia's industries including investment, value added, exports and employment. It covers 2011–12.
  • Australian Economic Indicators Data Card
    This data card provides a summary of several significant economic indicators. The card provides graphs and statistics on the composition of expenditure on Australia's GDP, inflation and interest rates, the current account deficit and the labour market.
  • Global Economics Indicators Data Card
    This data card contains information on GDP, inflation, interest rates, employment, exchange rates and net capital flows for key international economies. 
  • Key Fiscal and Macroeconomic Facts Data Card
    This data card contains information on Commonwealth and State Government budget incomes and expenditure. It also includes a snapshot of the Australian economy and international comparisons of general government debt.

Reports and studies concerning Industry

Australian Labour Market reports

Global Integration statement reports

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