Textiles, Clothing and Footwear (TCF)

TCF Industries

The textile, clothing and footwear (TCF) industries are diverse and cover a range of different products including made-up textiles, clothing, carpet, footwear and technical textiles.

The TCF industries are facing significant global competition and have been undergoing structural adjustment for some time. Successful Australian manufacturers have generally moved from producing commodity goods to manufacturing specialised value-added goods that are differentiated by design or innovation.  The department has in place a number of initiatives designed to promote innovation across the sector.

TCF Industry Innovation Council

The establishment of the TCF Industry Innovation Council recognises the importance of the TCF industries that employ over 45,000 Australians and underpins regional employment around Australia.  The TCF Industries Innovation Council will provide strategic advice to the Minister on innovation priorities, champion innovation in the TCF industries and build connections with other organisations, including Enterprise Connect.

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