Textiles, Clothing and Footwear Industries

Here you will find information on efforts by the department and industry to enhance the long term sustainability and international competitiveness of the Australian TCF industries.

TCF Innovation Package

On 12 May 2009, the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research announced the TCF Innovation Package in response to Professor Roy Green's Review of the TCF Industries. The implementation of this package by the Australian Government includes the:

  • Introduction of a new $33.232 million TCF Strategic Capability Program
  • Establishment of a $112.5 million Clothing and Household Textile (Building Innovative Capability) Scheme
  • Establishment of a TCF Industries Innovation Council
  • Establishment of  a National TCF Innovation Network within Enterprise Connect
  • Reduction of TCF tariffs that were already enshrined in legislation.

TCF Strategic Capability Program

The TCF Strategic Capability Program ("TCF SCP") will provide $33.232 million over 5 years (from 2010-11 to 2014-15) through a competitive, merit based grants program.  It will support eligible projects that will boost innovative capability in the TCF industries at the enterprise and workplace level.

Further information on the TCF SCP is available from AusIndustry.

Clothing and Household Textile (Building Innovative Capability) scheme

The Clothing and Household Textile (Building Innovative Capability) scheme ("BIC scheme") replaced the TCF Post-2005 (SIP) Scheme from the 2010-11 program year.  The $112.5 million BIC scheme is aimed at fostering the development of a sustainable and internationally competitive clothing and household textile manufacturing and design industry in Australia, by providing incentives to promote innovation.

Further information on the BIC scheme is available from AusIndustry.

TCF Small Business Program

The TCF Small Business Program was announced as part of the TCF Post-2005 Assistance Package in 2003 and was subsequently retained as part of the TCF innovation package.  The Program is a competitive grants program providing grants to small TCF businesses to improve their enterprise culture.  The Program provides support to small TCF businesses undertaking the design or production of eligible TCF products, but do not qualify for support under the now expired TCF Post-2005 (SIP) Scheme or the BIC scheme.  Funding is available under the program until 30 June 2016. 

Additional information on the TCF Small Business Program is available at AusIndustry

TCF Structural Adjustment Program

The TCF Structural Adjustment Program provides assistance to TCF employees, including TCF casual employees and TCF outworkers/homeworkers, who have been retrenched by an eligible TCF business, to secure alternative employment through Job Services Australia with support from community-based service providers.

Further information on the TCF Structural Adjustment Program can be found in the TCF SAP Program Guidelines  |

Register of Approved Occupational Clothing

The Register of Approved Occupational Clothing enables employers to register non-compulsory occupational clothing, thereby avoiding liability for Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) where the clothing has been provided free or at subsidised cost to employees. Employees also benefit from the provision by becoming eligible for tax deductions for expenses incurred from rental, purchase, or maintenance of such clothing.

Information on the TCF Corporatewear Register is available at AusIndustry.

South Pacific Regional Trade and Economic Co-operation Agreement (Textile, Clothing and Footwear Provisions) Scheme (SPARTECA (TCF Provisions) Scheme)

In addition to the efforts by the Department and industry to enhance the long term sustainability and international competitiveness of Australia's TCF industry, the Department also administers the SPARTECA (TCF Provisions) Scheme.

  • SPARTECA (TCF Provisions) Scheme - Terms and Conditions - June 2013 |
  • SPARTECA (TCF Provisions) Scheme Mid-Term Review - May 2008
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