Innovation Reports and Studies

This area contains reports, papers, and studies relevant to innovation and innovation policy.

Science, Research and Innovation Budget Tables

The Science, Research and Innovation Budget tables provide an overview of whole-of-government support for science, research and innovation by the Australian Government over a 10 year period.

Reports and studies concerning the Research and Development Tax Concession program

Other reports and studies

  • Australian Innovation System Report 
    An annual series of reference reports that compile and analyse quantitative and qualitative data on business innovation and outline achievements and actions of Australian innovators.  
  • Business Angel Survey  
    A 2006 survey on business angel investors and business angel networks in Australia.
  • Collaboration and Innovation Novelty
    A 2006 paper presenting the results of an econometric investigation into innovation novelty, collaboration and related characteristics in Australian business.
  • Embracing Change: Case Studies on how Australian Firms use Incremental Innovation to Support Growth  
    A 2003 report focused on gradual (incremental) business change and improvement by examining how Australian firms innovate in ways that are not related to R&D and barriers to these forms of innovation.
  • Evaluation of the COMET Program  
    A 2008, ACIL Tasman independent report on the evaluation of the Commercialising Emerging Technologies (COMET) program.
  • Firm-level financial measures of innovation
    A  report  that looks at the measurement of innovation financial items from both the economic and accounting perspectives, using different case studies of firms accounts to illustrate.
  • Innovation Policy Report
    A report highlighting departmental, national, and international developments in the innovation policy area.
  • Intellectual Property Scorecard 
    The Scorecard provides intellectual property data obtained from IP Australia, the US Patent and trademark Office, and the European Patent Office, reconciled to allow international comparisons to be made.
  • Australian Key Innovation Indicators datacard 
    The datacard provides key information about BERD, GERD and other innovation indicators.
  • Knowledge Intensive Services: the role of the COMET program 
    Information on this 2005 study to determine the impact that the Commercialising Emerging Technologies (COMET) program has on participating firms in terms of developing knowledge-based skills and innovation capability.
  • National Survey of Research Commercialisation 
    A survey of research commercialisation inputs, activity and output indicators for Australian publicly funded research organisations (Universities, Publicly Funded Research Agencies and a range of Medical Research Institutes).
  • Review of the National Innovation System 
    The 2008 report of the Review of the national innovation system, plus additional information.
  • The Role of Intermediaries in Support of Innovation  
    A 2007 study undertaken to assess the role of and benefits created by intermediaries in the Australian innovation system.
  • SMEs Taking Innovation to the Global Market 
    A 2005 the study of 25 firms participating in the Australian Government’s R&D Start and Biotechnology Innovation Fund programs.
  • The department made a submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics Inquiry into Raising the Level of Productivity Growth in the Australian Economy in September 2009.
  • Mesoblast: a story of Australian innovation 
    A case study on stem cell technology company Mesoblast highlighting an Australian innovation success story.                                                                                          .
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