National Research Investment Plan

The National Research Investment Plan (the Plan)  sets out a comprehensive national research investment planning process. It will enable a coordinated, whole-of-government approach to research investment that is structured to meet national needs and provide value for money.

The Plan was released by the Australian Government on 28 November 2012.

Planning process 

The Plan will support future decisions by the government in relation to the level and balance of research investment. In summary, the planning process comprises:

  • the objective of guiding Australian Government research investment in a way that improves national wellbeing by increasing productivity and addressing Australia’s key challenges
  • a framework, in the form of a national research fabric, that enables the development of Australia’s research capacity and capability to be responsive to the needs of all sectors including business
  • a set of research investment principles that ensures government investments address the overall investment objective and are delivered efficiently
  • a statement of strategic research priorities that enables investment to be focused on meeting the government’s priorities.

The Plan was developed by the Australian Research Committee (ARCom). The creation of ARCom was a recommendation of the Focusing Australia's Publicly Funded Research Review.

Implementing the actions 

ARCom will continue its role of providing strategic and integrated advice on research investment to the Australian Government. In the next twelve months, it will focus on implementing the actions outlined in the Plan including:

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