Unlocking Australia's Potential Grants Programme

Please note: This grant round is closed.

Unlocking Australia's Potential is set to increase the engagement of Australians in science, with 63 projects awarded a total of $5 million in funding for 2012-2014.

The projects established or expanded throughout this grant round provide a mix of activities with a variety of approaches, audience, locations and topics. Through these activities, Unlocking Australia's Potential is contributing to the development of a strengthened, cohesive and sustainable national programme of science engagement.

2012 Recipients

63 projects were successful in the 2012 round, awarded a total of $5 million in funding. The recipients were announced by the then Minister for Science and Research, Senator Chris Evans, on 12 June 2012.


The round supports all principles of the Inspiring Australia strategy. Priority has been given to areas not already funded by the Inspiring Australia initiative. This is in accordance with the Unlocking Australia's Potential grant guidelines.

This grant round encourages:

  1. A strengthened, cohesive and sustainable national programme of science engagement activities. These activities will take into account existing projects and projects funded or supported by other means;
  2. A spread of activities across Australia;
  3. A comprehensive mix of activities in relation to delivery approaches, target audiences, geographic locations, and the science topic focus;
  4. A focus on priorities such as, but not limited to, youth, Indigenous communities and regional Australia;
  5. Innovative approaches to engaging audiences in science.

Future Rounds

There are no current plans for a second round of Unlocking Australia's Potential grants. 

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