Industry Training Strategies Program

The Industry Training Strategies Program (ITSP) is funded under the Australian Apprenticeship Workforce Skills Development component of the VET National Support Program. ITSP provides a strategic, focused response to industry-based vocational education and training (VET) implementation issues. ITSP supports the Australian Government’s commitment to address the skills and training needs help Australian industries and employers by helping them develop a better understanding of the national training system. In particular ITSP promotes the benefits of employing Australian Apprentices and the use of training packages to meet their workforce skills development needs.

ITSP supports projects that respond to industry-based Australian Apprenticeships implementation issues. ITSP funded projects to do one or more of the following:

provide targeted information and support to, organisations marketing and implementing Australian Apprenticeships, including Australian Apprenticeship Centres (AACs), Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), Industry Skills Councils (ISCs) and Australian industries through their peak industry organisations;

  • identify and address impediments to the take-up of Australian Apprenticeships and the use of training packages;
  • address skills shortages in specific industry sectors, occupations or regions;
  • increase and improve participation in Australian Apprenticeships by Indigenous people, disadvantaged and specifically targeted groups
  • increase industry and employer confidence in and understanding of the national training system;
  • develop, implement and evaluate models and pilots for improved usage of Australian Apprenticeships; and
  • develop and distribute industry specific marketing, training and related support materials.

There are four complementary elements of ITSP:

Industry Pathfinders

Industry Pathfinder projects help industry find pathways to quality vocational, education and training (VET) solutions to their recruitment and training needs. Industry Pathfinders provide a range of services, including advice, assistance and research, and promotional activities, to support Australian Apprenticeship Centres (AACs) and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) with the implementation of Australian Apprenticeships and training packages with a focus on specific industry and/or occupations. Industry Pathfinders also engage with a broad range of VET stakeholders to support the achievement of the Government’s VET objectives.

Education and Training Advisers

Education and Training Advisers (ETAs) work through the peak industry associations to increase their members’ understanding of and confidence in the national training system, in particular Australian Apprenticeships and training packages, with the ultimate goal of improving employer take-up of Australian Apprenticeships. Using a variety of techniques (such as visits, meetings, newsletters and promotions) ETAs provide a "translation" service, making use of their knowledge of industry and the different elements of the training system to help employers meet their skills and training needs, while also promoting the Government’s VET priorities. These advisers also assist in providing industry advice to Government on VET issues affecting their membership.

A network of ETAs across all states and territories is currently operating through the peak industry bodies: Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) and the National Farmers Federation (NFF).

Case Studies

Read a range of interesting case studies demonstrating the work ETAs are doing with employers and in the community to promote the National Training System.

Special Projects

Each year, funded through the ETA element of the Industry Training Strategies Program, the peak industry bodies are funded to undertake Special Projects.

Indigenous Regional Projects

Through this element, Indigenous providers deliver a range of services including advice, assistance, research and training tools, and promotional activities to peak employer associations, VET organisations, AACs, RTOs, Indigenous agencies and their communities to support and expand the Australian Governments commitment to improve Indigenous Australian’s participation in formal and nationally recognised training, in particular through Australian Apprenticeships pathways and the use of training packages.

Indigenous Regional Projects provide support for innovative initiatives that focus on improving VET outcomes for Indigenous Australians and provide Indigenous Australians with appropriate training and skills that lead to sustainable employment in regional, rural and remote areas. Funding has been approved for a number of projects operating over an 18 month period to 30 June 2011.

Integrated Information Service

The Integrated Information Service provides information and advice across all Australian Apprenticeships pathways and Training Packages to support Australian Apprenticeship Centres (AACs) and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), Group Training Organisations (GTOs), Industry Skills Councils (ISCs), State Training Authorities (STAs), careers advisers, students and potential Australian Apprentices, their parents/guardians and employers about Australian Apprenticeship arrangements.

The Integrated Information Service is currently delivered by Industry Training Australia (ITA) and includes the operation and maintenance of two websites: the Australian Apprenticeships Training Information Service and Australian Apprenticeships Job Pathways.

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