Climate Change and Skills for Sustainability

The Australian Government is implementing policies that will support the transition to a sustainable, low-carbon economy.

These initiatives are important to protect the future productivity of the Australian economy, the continuing prosperity of Australian businesses and industries and continuing employment opportunities for Australians.

To take advantage of the transition Australian workers need opportunities to learn new skills for sustainability and enhance their existing skills, knowledge and practices.


The Green Skills Agreement

On 7 December 2009 the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) endorsed the Green Skills Agreement. The objectives of the Agreement are to:

  • develop national standards in skills for sustainability within the requirements of the national regulatory framework
  • upskill VET practitioners so they can provide effective training and facilitation in skills for sustainability
  • review and revise Training Packages to incorporate skills for sustainability
  • implement strategies to reskill vulnerable workers in the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Find out more about the Green Skills Agreement.

Skills for the Carbon Challenge

The Skills for the Carbon Challenge initiative provides national leadership in building the capacity of the tertiary education sector to supply the skills needed for workers and businesses to prosper in a low-carbon economy. This initiative supports:

  • investing in research to develop a better understanding of the underlying skills issues associated with the transition to a low-carbon economy and appropriate responses
  • presenting the Skills for Sustainability – Educational Institution Award to encourage excellence in the delivery of education and training for sustainability.

Find out more about the Skills for the Carbon Challenge initiative.

Clean Energy and Other Skills Package

The Clean Energy and Other Skills Package will invest up to $32 million over 4 years to enable tradespeople and professionals in key industries to develop the skills needed to deliver clean energy services, products and advice to Australian communities and businesses.

Find out more about the Clean Energy and Other Skills Package.

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