National Resources Sector Workforce Strategy

The National Resources Sector Workforce Strategy was a sector wide plan to address the skills and labour needs of the resources sector. The Strategy was launched in March 2011 and its implementation has assisted the resources sector to meet its increasing demand for skilled labour, maintained national momentum on addressing skills shortages, and further built Australia’s productive capacity.

The Strategy comprised 31 recommendations across seven key areas:

  • Promoting Workforce Planning and Sharing of Information
  • Increasing the Number of Trade Professionals
  • Graduating More Engineers and Geoscientists
  • Meeting Temporary Skills Shortages with Temporary Migration
  • Strengthening Workforce Participation
  • Forging Stronger Ties between Industry and Education
  • Addressing the Need for Affordable Housing and Community Infrastructure.

In December 2013, the Strategy released its final report: Addressing the Skills and Workforce Needs of the Resources Sector. The report details the implementation activities undertaken by industry, governments and the tertiary education sector as part of the Strategy between March 2011 and November 2013.

Strategy governance and implementation

The National Resources Sector Workforce Strategy Steering Committee was established to oversee implementation of the Strategy. The Steering Committee comprised senior officials from government agencies, industry and training sector organisations.

Responsibility for implementing recommendations under the Strategy was shared between industry, governments and the tertiary education sector. Each of the 31 recommendations had an identified lead organisation who managed the recommendation’s implementation in collaboration with stakeholders.

National Resources Sector Employment Taskforce

The recommendations which form the National Resources Sector Workforce Strategy were identified in the National Resources Sector Employment Taskforce’s final report; Resourcing the Future. The Taskforce was established in November 2009 to help secure the additional skilled workers predicted to be needed for major resources projects over the following five years.

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