Key Facts and Statistics

This page provides key facts and statistics about small businesses.

Australian Small Business - Key Statistics and Analysis

The Australian Small Business - Key Statistics and Analysis publication series has been discontinued.

2012 edition (printed copies are available)

The Australian Small Business - Key Statistics and Analysis publication provides an updated overview of Australia's small business with emphasis on business characteristics and performance. It also includes research conducted by the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research which provides a unique insight into the factors that initiate, hinder and facilitate the process of new business creation in Australia.

2011 edition (only available electronically) 

The Key Statistics - Australian Small Business publication provides a comprehensive overview of Australia's small businesses with emphasis on the number of businesses, business characteristics and performance.

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Small Business Dispute Resolution Research

A summary report of a survey investigating business-to-business dispute resolution issues for small business.

Australian Government Payments to Small Business Performance Report - 2011-12

This report contains the 2011-12 results of the Survey of Australian Government Payments to Small Business, which monitors compliance by Government agencies against the Procurement 30 Day Payment Policy for Small Business. View the media release.

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