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ACT & Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The ACT & Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry represents the local business perspective and advocates for local and regional businesses on current and emerging issues affecting them.

ACT Courts

This website provides links and further information about the Supreme Court and the Magistrates Court and Tribunals of the ACT.

ACT Government

This website offers a range of business advice on matters such as: starting a business, running a business, expanding a business, relocating a business and closing a business.

ACT Planning & Land Authority

ACTPLA is the ACT Government's statutory agency responsible for planning issues. It provides useful information on issues, including building approvals and development applications.

ACT WorkCover

WorkSafe ACT is part of the Office of Regulatory Services and provides information and assistance on occupational health and safety; workplace bullying and other related issues.

Business and Industry Development

The ACT Government Business and Industry Development website provides information on doing business in Canberra; investing in Canberra and skilled and business migration.

Department of Territory and Municipal Services

The ACT Government Department of Territory and Municipal services provides business related information such as on how to comply with Government requirements.

Department of Treasury - ACT Revenue Office

The ACT Government Department of Treasury website provides information about how duties and taxes are administered in the ACT, including rates, thresholds and calculators. Advice on various concessions and grants for ACT property transactions is also included.

Office of Regulatory Services

The Office of Regulatory Services is the ACT Government agency responsible for work safe issues; fair trading and business licensing and registration.


Austrade's role is to advance Australia’s international trade and investment interests by providing information, advice and services. One way it does this is by assisting Australian enterprises to capture increased export and overseas investment opportunities.

Australian Communications and Media Authority

The Australian Communications and Media Authority is a government agency responsible for the regulation of broadcasting, the internet, radiocommunications and telecommunications. It provides helpful information on using the internet including explaining what spam is and how you can avoid sending spam.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission promotes competition and fair trade in the market place to benefit consumers, businesses and the community. It deals with a wide range of issues including anti-competitive conduct and unfair consumer practices under the Australian Consumer Law, including misleading and deceptive conduct.

Australian Government Export Finance and Insurance Corporation

The Export Finance and Insurance Corporation was established to support the growth of Australian businesses internationally. By providing financial solutions, risk management options and professional advice, when the private market lacks capacity or willingness, it creates opportunities for Australian exporters to grow their international business.

Australian Human Rights Commission

The Australian Human Rights Commission responsibilities include: education and public awareness, and receiving discrimination and human rights complaints. It provides resources to assist employers in the elimination of discrimination and harassment, and the promotion of equal employment opportunity.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission is Australia’s corporate, markets and financial services regulator. It deals with a large number of financial issues including corporate insolvency, the provision of credit and registering corporations.

Australian Taxation Office

The Australian Taxation Office is the Government's principal revenue collection agency and its role is to manage and shape tax, excise and superannuation systems that fund services for Australians. It provides information about your tax obligations when running a business, including GST and superannuation. offers businesses a simple and convenient way to access government information, forms and services. It's a whole-of-government service providing essential information on planning, starting and growing a business.

Department of Innovation, Industry, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education

The Department of Innovation, Industry, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education is a focal point for the development and consideration of small business policy issues within Government. It assists the small business sector and provides a range of small business information.

Fair Work Australia

Fair Work Australia is the national workplace relations tribunal. It is an independent body with power to carry out a range of functions including, providing a safety net of minimum conditions, through minimum wages, and facilitating good faith bargaining and the making of enterprise agreements.

Fair Work Ombudsman

The Fair Work Ombudsman’s functions include promoting harmonious, productive and cooperative workplace relations and ensuring compliance with Commonwealth workplace laws. Whether you're an employee, employer or contractor with a question about workplace rights and responsibilities, the Fair Work Ombudsman can assist.

Financial Ombudsman Service

The Financial Ombudsman Service fairly and independently resolves disputes between consumers — including some small businesses — and member financial services providers. Its independent dispute resolution processes cover financial services disputes including banking, credit, loans, general insurance, life insurance, financial planning, investments, stock broking, managed funds and pooled superannuation trusts.

IP Australia

IP Australia administers Australia's intellectual property rights system, specifically patents, trade marks, designs and plant breeder’s rights. IP Australia incorporates the Patent, Designs, Trade Marks and Plant Breeder’s Rights Offices.

Safe Work Australia

Safe Work Australia is an Australian Government agency with the primary responsibility of improving work health and safety and workers’ compensation arrangements across Australia. It helps businesses with the organisation and administration of health and safety in the workplace, raising the awareness of health and safety amongst employees, and providing a healthier and safer working environment.

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner provides information about freedom of information, the privacy obligations of businesses and Government's information policy.

New South Wales

Consumer, Trader & Tenancy Tribunal

The role of the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal is to resolve disputes between tenants, landlords, traders and consumers in a timely and effective manner.

New South Wales Government

This is the main NSW Government webpage. It contains links to all the NSW government departments and agencies.

New South Wales Small Business Website

The Small Business NSW Government website provides information for people starting, running or growing a small business.

NSW Department of Fair Trading

The NSW Government Fair Trading website provides information on retail tenancy; licences, registrations and codes of practice.

NSW Government Office of Industrial Relations

The NSW Industrial Relations website provides a wide range of information including a specialist library of information relating to industrial relations, human resources, management, workplace reform and related topics; advice and training on NSW employment issues and workshops and seminars.

NSW Rural Assistance Authority

The NSW Rural Assistance Authority provides assistance to rural producers and small business in regional NSW through programs that encourage self-reliance and adaptation to change.

State Chamber of Commerce (New South Wales)

The NSW Business Chamber promotes the prosperity and capability of Australian businesses. The NSW Business Chamber website offers a range of products and services to help maximise business potential.

WorkCover New South Wales

The WorkCover Authority of NSW provides a summary of an employer's major workers compensation obligations under the Workers Compensation Act 1987 and the Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act 1998.

Northern Territory

Anti-Discrimination Commission

The Anti-Discrimination Commission handles complaints made under the Anti-Discrimination Act and provides public education and training. The Commission offers training and education to individuals, businesses, schools, the public sector and other organisations to increase understanding of the operation of the Act and the principles that underpin it.

Business Licence Information Service - Northern Territory

The Business Licence Information Service (BLIS) provides information on business licensing and compliance requirements for local councils, and the Northern Territory and Australian Governments. If you are starting a new business, or buying, selling, franchising or expanding an existing business, BLIS will help identify the licences you need.

Department of Business and Employment

The Department of Business and Employment’s primary responsibilities are to deliver business and industry development services, defence support, employment and corporate shared services. It provides information on a wide range of issues, including: business development and growth; business regulations; and business licences.

Department of Justice

The Department of Justice provides information on: the different courts in the Northern Territory; the Office of the Information Commissioner; and the Licensing Commission.

Territory Business Centre

Territory Business Centres are the initial contact and referral point for starting a business, business & industry licence information, business planning assistance and links to departmental assistance programs. At a Territory Business Centre you can: register a business name and conduct a business name search; access all relevant licence and permit requirements for operating a business in the Northern Territory; and access accurate information on a range of business assistance services and products.

Territory Revenue Office

The Territory Revenue Office provides information for businesses on State tax issues, including: payroll tax; stamp duties; and royalties.


Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland

The Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland administers the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 (ADA). The Commission provides detailed information for organisations, businesses and agencies so that they can keep up to date with anti-discrimination legislation..

Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation

The Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation brings together specialist knowledge, networks and services to work with significant businesses and industry sectors. It provides information on a wide range of areas, including: Queensland laws and regulations; business, trade and investment; and consumer protection issues.

Department of Justice and Attorney-General

The Department of Justice and Attorney-General provides information on a wide range of issues, including: dispute resolution; fair and safe work environments; and fair trading.

Office of Fair Trading

The Office of Fair Trading provides helpful information and advice about the rights and responsibilities of consumers and businesses operating in Queensland. It provides information on a wide range of issues, including: unfair business practices; obtaining business licences; and details on how a business can provide credit and deal with debtors.

Office of State Revenue

The Office of State Revenue provides information about Queensland taxes, including: transfer duty; landholder duty; payroll tax and land tax.

Queensland business

The Queensland business website provides a wide range of useful information for business, including: how to start a business and what legal structure to choose; and how to run a business and employ people.

Smart Licence

Smart licence is a unique business licensing and information service that puts a stop to the red tape run-around and gives businesses the freedom to get on with business. It provides businesses with tailored licensing information, including: summary information on the State, Local and Commonwealth Government requirements for particular businesses; and details of licence fees, periods of cover, and renewals.

Trade and Investment

Trade and Investment Queensland aims to help Queensland companies earn more export dollars through an individualised and targeted service. It provides a range of export assistance services through a team of experts with international business experience, multilingual skills and international business contacts.

South Australia

Courts Administration Authority

The Courts Administration Authority provides information that explains the procedures involved in going to any one of South Australia's Courts, including: the Supreme Court, District Court, Magistrates Court, and the Environment, Resources and Development Court.  

Environmental Protection Authority

The Environmental Protection Authority provides information for businesses who want to know what their environmental obligations are, and businesses looking for information on improving the efficiency of their resources and promoting environmental sustainability.

Equal Opportunity Commission of South Australia

The Equal Opportunity Commission provides three main services in South Australia: information, education, and assessing and resolving complaints. The Commission provides businesses with practical information to meeting their legal obligations and promoting fairness at work.

Office of Consumer and Business Affairs

The Office of Consumer and Business Affairs has five main branches that provide a service to the general public, including: Consumer Affairs (includes Product Safety); Business and Occupational Services (includes Business Names, Associations and Co-operatives, Licensing); and Tenancies (includes Residential, Retail, Bonds and support to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal).


RevenueSA's objective is to manage the state's taxation system in a way that provides maximum value to both Government and Taxpayers. It provides information on a range of State taxes, including: land tax, payroll tax and stamp duties.

South Australia Central

South Australia Central provides a wide range of information for business, including: starting and managing a business; licensing and regulation; and how to employ people.

South Australia Department of Trade and Economic Development

The Department of Trade and Economic Development is the South Australian Government’s key economic development agency. It provides information how to invest, innovate, export and generally do business in South Australia.



Biztas is a database of Tasmanian businesses, managed and promoted by the Tasmanian Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts. It is a free service offering Tasmanian businesses the opportunity to promote their products and services to the world. Businesses are able to detail their products, services and capabilities in Biztas as well as add pictures and logos to their entries.

Business Licence Information Service - Tasmania

The Business Licence Information Service (BLIS) is a one-stop-shop for high-level information on a range of Commonwealth, State and Local Government controls that businesses must comply with when operating a business (or occupation) in Tasmania. These controls include licenses, permits, approvals, registrations, codes of practices, standards and guidelines.

Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading

Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading promotes integrity, fairness and safety for consumers, and providing a high standard of service to the Tasmanian Community. It provides a wide range advice to businesses on issues, including fair trading, how to register a business and retail tenancy issues.

Department of Economic Development and Tourism and the Arts

The Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts' purpose is to work to make Tasmania a prosperous, vibrant and healthy community. It advises businesses wishing to establish, relocate, diversify or expand in Tasmania, and links government and the private sector in marketing Tasmania's unique assets.

State Revenue Office

The State Revenue Office is responsible for collecting State revenue in a fair, transparent and efficient manner on behalf of all Tasmanians. It provides information on land tax, payroll tax and transfer duties.

Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce & Industry

The Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce & Industry assists business to manage their employment statutory and legal requirements; provides ongoing management and development for a business' people; and offers tools, tips and templates to assist business manage day to day workplace issues.

The Office of the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner 

The Office of the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner aims to promote the Anti-Discrimination Act in a positive way, so that the principles and practices it embodies are readily understood, recognising people's diverse backgrounds, education, training or geographical location. The Office provides information for employers to enable them to take preventative measures to ensure they have good working practices in place that prevent unlawful behaviour from occurring.


Business Victoria

Business Victoria provides a comprehensive online resource designed to help you start, run and grow your business.

Consumer Affairs Victoria

Consumer Affairs Victoria is Victoria’s consumer affairs regulator. Its purpose is to help Victorians be responsible and informed traders and consumers. It publishes a range of forms, guides, research reports and policies on issues, including: credit and debt; product safety; and shopping and trading.

Office of the Victorian Small Business Commissioner

The Office of the Victorian Small Business Commissioner is dedicated to promoting a competitive and fair operating environment for small business. It was established to promote greater fairness in business through its four main functions: information and education; review of government practices; investigation of small business complaints; and dispute resolution.

Vic Export

Vic Export provides information for businesses that are exporting or thinking about exporting. It provides information on a wide range of export issues, including: planning and preparation; finding your export market; and developing an export strategy.

WorkSafe Victoria

WorkSafe Victoria's responsibilities include enforcing Victoria's occupational health and safety laws; helping injured workers back into the workforce; and providing information on health and safety procedures and WorkSafe processes.  

Western Australia

Department of Commerce

The Department of Commerce works with the community to ensure high standards of safety and protection for workers and consumers, and promotes and fosters innovative industries, science and enterprise. The Department comprises eight divisions: Building Commission; Consumer Protection; Energy Safety; Labour Relations; Science and Innovation; WorkSafe; Corporate Services and the Office of the Director General.

Department of the Attorney-General

To help guide citizens through their rights and responsibilities under Western Australian law, the Department of the Attorney General operates Law Compass. This community gateway aims to signpost people's way through major life events and the legal system.

Equal Opportunity Commission

The Equal Opportunity Commission investigates breaches of the Equal Opportunity Act and seeks to conciliate complaints on all the various grounds of the Act, as well as delivering educational programmes and addressing the underlying causes of discrimination. It also provides information to businesses to enable them to understand and comply with their obligations under the Equal Opportunity Act.

Office of State Revenue

The Office of State Revenue provides information for businesses on their taxation obligations, including: transfer duties, stamp duties and payroll tax.

Small Business Development Corporation

The Small Business Development Corporation is a West Australian State Government agency focused on the development of the small business sector. It provides advice on a range of issues including: business planning, leasing and tax and legal requirements.

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