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Diagnosing diseases on the spot

Victorian medium-sized business Universal Biosensors (UBI) manufactures hand-held medical devices which are used by health professionals and patients to undertake blood tests. Using UBI’s biosensor test strips, the devices are able to diagnose and monitor diseases on the spot. 

Seeking to grow their export business, UBI set out to improve the sensitivity of their test strips, which would allow them to test for a broader range of diseases. Supported by Innovation Connections, UBI was introduced to CSIRO’s Dr Helmut Thissen, an expert in bio coatings and surfaces. Together they began developing an improved coating for the UBI test strips to support a new range of tests and help UBI to expand its product range and increase its client base and exports. “By helping [UBI] improve their products, we’re helping Australia’s manufacturing industry grow into the high-end technology market,” said Dr Thissen.

“Our close collaboration with CSIRO will enable us to further develop the research and create superior products that can be taken into the international diagnostics market,” said Dr Alastair Hodges, UBI’s Chief Scientist.