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Call for greater collaboration and commercialisation in the BioTech sector

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Bill Ferris AC, Chair of Innovation and Science Australia, has called for greater collaboration between Australian businesses and our publically funded research institutions in a speech delivered at the Westmead Research Hub on 5 October 2016.

After being introduced by Lucy Turnbull AO, Mr Ferris told the audience that matching our research excellence with translation and commercialisation excellence is Australia’s greatest challenge and opportunity of our time.

“Better translation of research into commercial outcomes underpins economic growth and global competitiveness.” he said.

Mr Ferris also issued a warning: “If we fail to translate research into commercial outcomes, we will sell Australia short on jobs, economic growth and quality of life.”

“A future Australia must be propelled by its knowledge intensive sectors, one such stand-out sector is health and medical research.” he said.

To read the full speech, visit the Innovation and Science Australia website